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NWP Gathers the data

Each month, NWP receives copies of the property's utility bills issued by local districts. We assign utility charges to each apartment based on actual usage as measured by submetering or estimated usage through Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). NWP downloads all other charges for each unit for the month, including rent when using convergent billing, through electronic interfaces that we've developed with leading property management software providers.   

NWP creates the statement

With the choice of convergent billing, total monthly charges from the property management system, plus utility charges, are combined onto one resident statement.  NWP’s Resident OneBill is a convergent bill statement branded with your company's logo, remittance address and a message of your choice with itemized charge detail and a total balance due.

It's in the mail - On time

NWP will mail or email the invoice to each resident each month like clockwork. Residents may also access a copy of their bill online. Payments are remitted by residents as directed by the information on the bill either to you or to NWP depending on your program of choice.

More on submetering and RUBS

If you are interested in measuring actual usage by unit, or if your state, county or city regulations require, NWP can help install your submetering system. Whether new construction, retrofits, repairs, upgrades or maintenance is required on an existing system, NWP's submetering team has experience you can trust. Learn more about submeter systems and services.

If you prefer to avoid the cost of submetering or your structures won't support it, RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing) is generally a suitable alternative. RUBS provides a usage estimate by unit, calculated by NWP.

How can residents pay their bill? Why electronically, of course!

In the case of read, bill and remit services, residents can go online and make an electronic payment using NWP’s Resident portal at www.nwpresident.com. Or, they can mail their payment to NWP using a remittance slip.

If using convergent billing or utility billing only options, your residents can take their payment directly to the property management office. Or, if the property is also using NWP’s Resident ePay service, they can log onto the management company or property’s website and make a payment that goes directly into the property’s bank account! Learn more about Resident ePay.